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Bella came to us as an owner surrender from up north and she is a great lover of people. She is content to be anywhere you are💗She is a hugger and she will back up into your legs in a sit and look up at you waiting to be hugged, then she insists on a tummy rub😁 what a sweetheart!!

Bella walks fantastic on the leash, even passing yards with dogs in them and she's met a few other dogs on her walks and has been great. Her recall is pretty fantastic, mostly because she is so excited to be with her people. She sits on command, is learning to lay down, and is fully house trained.

She is treat motivated and is a fairly quick learner. She does like to come into your space when you are eating but her fosters are working on boundaries with her and she is getting there👏

Bella was very respectful meeting the two resident dogs in her foster home and she takes direction very well in that situation. She would likely bond well with another dog, or she's also fine to be in a single dog home.

She is not a fan of the kennel. She likely has never been kenneled and then with being in one on the flight down it’s probably a bit traumatic. She hasn't been destructive so she would likely be fine without a kennel at all. At night she just finds a good spot to sleep and s great till morning.

Bella gets a bit anxious in the car but doesn't get sick,  just a lot of panting but with each car ride she goes on she gets better!

She has been settling in well at her foster home and is becoming more and more comfortable and relaxed each day🥰

Bella would be fantastic for a family where there's someone that is home often😊


Born: February 1st, 2018

Breed: St Bernard

Gender: Female

Size: X-Large (currently 115 pounds)

Activity Level: Low-Med

Cats: Untested

Kids: Untested (her size would likely be the only issue because she may bump the wee ones over)

Dogs: Yes

Adoption Fee: $345

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