Boris is a friendly boy ready to join his forever family. He's great with the other cats, dogs and children in his foster home. Boris is FIV positive but he still can live with other cats as long as the safety protocols are followed. Here's some info on FIV and what is required: FIV or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus can sound pretty scary! FIV attacks the immune system of our feline friends, leaving them susceptible to other infections or illnesses. Thankfully, being tested positive for FIV is no longer a death sentence. Although there is still no cure, we now know that cats can live long and happy lives WITHOUT infecting another cat.


Precautions are still taken by: ~Adopting an FIV positive cat into a home that either already has FIV cats or no other cats. ~All cats in the home are up to date with vaccines and boosters.


Born: Nov. 1st, 2019

Type: DSH

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $100