There have been big changes in GT’s life in the past month. And we have seen BIG changes in him. The obvious changes are his exterior, the demodectic mange that had been plaguing him is finally starting to heal. That mange had also dampened GT’s spirits. He was in pain, itchy and just plain grumpy. Thankfully, as he heals from the mange his personality is becoming softer and happier. GT’s personality will continue to flourish as he gets accustomed to a life without pain. Just like with his fur growing back, we expect GT’s playfulness will return, as well. GT may grow to appreciate furry companionship, he’s just not there yet.


Born: April 23, 2020

Gender: Male

Breed: Border Collie/Husky mix

Activity Level: Medium

Weight: currently (underweight) 48 lbs.

Kids: 10+

Dogs: No

Cats: Possibly

Adoption fee: $345