Our beautiful blue eyed boy Mateo is still waiting for his forever family and we can’t for the life of us figure out why it’s taking them so long to find him. So we’ve decided to shine a bright spot light on this sweet boy. Mateo is a wee bit shy when first meeting new people, but once he knows you’re good people and gets comfortable, his playful husky personality starts to come out. He loves playing with his Pyrenees foster sister or any furry friends he meets throughout the day. Mateo gets along fabulously with all dogs and cats! Mateo isn't a big fan of toys yet, because they are still pretty new to him, but he is slowly figuring out how much fun they can be. He is not exactly a cuddle buddy, but he will seek pets and rubs from a willing hand. Mateo also has absolutely zero interest in kitty chasing. He has lived with and been introduced him to many furry felines and as far as he is concerned, ‘there is plenty of room to share’


*Mateo requires a fenced in yard*


Birthdate: March 9, 2020.

Gender: Male

Activity level: medium

Size: approx 85lbs

Dogs: yes, will need a companion

Cats: yes

Kids: yes

Adoption fee: $345