Just like a lot of people right now, Lexie wants to get out and meet some people. Preferably people who will love her and be her forever family. Lexie is interested in things being ‘just about her’, at least for a while. Recently, everything was about her 10 pups, Lexie was busy keeping them safe and alive. (And she did a great job!) We think the experience left her a bit leery about dogs, especially nosy ones, she seems to question their motives and interest in her. There is a possibility that Lexie may ‘change her tune’ as she settles in but we feel that a pet-free home is best for right now. Like most American Bulldogs, Lexie is strong! She may only be 60 lbs and 26” from ground to head, but Lexie can be quite the puller.


Born: March 17th, 2020

Gender: Female

Breed: American Bulldog mix

Activity Level: Medium

Weight: currently 61 lbs.

Kids: Yes

Dogs: No

Cats: No

Adoption fee: $345