Clouds should just move aside, because Sunny is here! Sunny is a playful, sweet and loving 'little' girl. She loves her adventures and is always up for a car ride, walk, or a dip in the pool. Sunny is a true Pyrenees Guardian and is always ready to protect her people, whether it is from a strange dog approaching, or a sketchy leaf that blew by too aggressively. Another Pyr trait that Sunny excels at, is helping with holes you might like dug or letting the world know she is on duty, with her deep and very loud bark. Sunny hasn't had a lot of exposure to the world around her, so she takes a minute to make sure you are trustworthy. After that... she is all about the pets and belly rubs. Sunny will require a family with lots of dog experience to help her through her nervousness and build her confidence.


Birthdate: October, 2018

Breed: Great Pyrenees

Gender: Female

Activity Level: Medium

Size/Weight: 75lbs

Dogs: slow intro

Cats: yes, lived with a kitty

Kids: adores them

Adoption Fee: $345