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Harley and Mateo


Harley & Mateo are hoping to find a warm-hearted family that will accept them both. These bonded brothers have very typical Husky personalities. A bit shy to start but very loving, friendly once acclimated to the people around them. Strong pullers, love to play and run. Limited recall, a fence is a requirement to keep them safe and happy. If you are interested in meeting them, we require an application prior please  Being your typical huskies, they have taken to bikejoring with their foster very quickly!  See video below!


Birthdate: Harley - August 9th, 2019

Birthdate: Mateo - March 9th, 2020

Gender: Males

Activity Level: Medium

Size: (H)88lbs (M) 84 lbs

Dogs: yes

Cats: no

Kids: yes

Adoption Fee: $400 for both

Harley and Mateo bikejoring with their foster