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Hi everyone, I’m

Cucumber, and my life’s ambition is to become a pickle. And also to find my forever home, of course. You may have heard on the interweb that I was running for my life and being stalked by coyotes when the awesome people at LEASH found me and took me to MGPR. So here I am!


I am a happy, sweet and loyal boy. I am eager to please and have been working on refining my “good boy manners”. I already know that I have to sit for meals and am working on waiting at doors and going through slowly when I am allowed, so that I don’t accidentally run over any of my 2 or 4 legged friends. I am also working on come, leave it, and other things that my foster sister knows. Unlike her, I have not yet tried to steal food off of the counter😉


I have been friendly and playful with all of the dogs that I’ve met, but I’ve been told that I come on a bit too strong sometimes, and some older or more timid dogs may not appreciate my enthusiasm. I’m working on toning it down in those situations (I just need a reminder) and am doing pretty well at that, but sometimes I just can’t hold in my excitement. I enjoy the company of tiny humans but would probably do better with ones that are a wee bit older so that I don’t accidentally knock them over if I get overly excited.


I can be a bit scared and insecure in some new situations, though I have gained so much confidence and seen so many things already in the few days I’ve been in my new foster home. I might just need a hot minute to adjust in my new home or with certain new situations. Treats help, I think.


I sleep through the night on my bed in my foster mom’s room and even let her sleep in till noon the other day, I’m nice like that. I haven’t had any accidents inside the house either.


I would say my only must-have for my new family is to have another dog (or maybe a cat?) to keep me company when the humans go out. I’d love another young dog to play with, but even a somewhat curmudgeonly older lady dog like my foster sister will do. I get pretty distraught when I’m left all by my lonesome (I’m a people person), so I need a furry friend to keep me company so that I don’t cry, try to open the door and then resort to gathering all your poop bags, and other scrumptiously crunchable possessions in the middle of the room and chewing them. I've been working on kennel training but I still think I'd like a furry friend around so I'm not so sad.


So far in the house and yard I’ve only barked quietly once in a while when I’m playing with my dog friends, I don’t even bark at the mailman. I like to stay close to my people and will follow when you leave the room to make sure neither of us gets left behind. I’m an excellent cuddler and give the best hugs🥰


Born: September 1st, 2022

Breed: Rottweiler Mix

Gender: Male

Size: Large

Activity Level: Medium

Cats: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Kids: Yes

Adoption Fee: $345

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