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Fuji is the second biggest, weighing in at 43 pounds at 12 weeks old!!

Fuji will make an excellent livestock guardian dog, he shows natural instincts with a variety of livestock (goats & chickens so far). He is also good with cats and other dogs.

Fuji loves playing outside more than anything but is a puppy and enjoys chew toys and bones for his teeth. He shows some typical Great Pyrenees traits and may guard his bones and higher value items from other dogs but has no issues with humans so far and is very respectful of people.

Fuji is good with kids but he does not realize just how large he is and will knock them over for kisses. He is confident and independent but loves to cuddle and get love too❤️


With Fuji being a Pyrenees we will be requiring any potential family to have visible fencing to keep him safe. Knowledge of Pyrenees is very beneficial. The boys parents were working LGD's and they have potential to be good working dogs.


Born: December 15th, 2022

Breed: Pyrenees

Gender: Male

Size: Expected to be X-Large

Activity level: Puppy

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Adoption Fee: $395

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