Glider has been in our care since the beginning of April and we feel he's finally ready to start looking for his forever family❤❤

Glider came in with extreme reactivity to cars and that is something that is still being worked on but it's also something that will need continuous work for a long time. His wonderful and dedicated foster family has been working on his basic obedience training so he would have a foundation to start with and he is currently working on trigger desensitization with cars. Lots of work with parked cars and he's making progress, he's super engaged and good with recall and his name so that has been helpful. He has started weekly training sessions with Pliant Pack called Train and Walk, where they come and take him out one on one for an hour. If he is adopted before his training sessions are complete we will have the remaining sessions set up with his new family.

Glider is a high-energy boy so he requires lots of exercise, he currently attends doggy daycare with his foster mom and he thinks that is the best place in the world because he is a very playful, funny guy who loves other dogs! He does great with the other dogs but does prefer playing with bigger dogs. He would do very well in a home with another higher energy, playful dog or as a single dog if the owners are dedicated to draining his energy mentally and physically daily. He does great on long leash walks and is working on his leash manners with shorter leash walks.

He does amazing with his foster family members' children and will play fetch and tug but they are very dog savvy so we will be looking for a home with older kiddos because he will knock the little ones down. He does get over-excited meeting new people and will still jump so that is also being worked on in his foster home.

Glider is amazing, very bright, loving, cuddly, and everything fantastic when he feels safe❤

He is the happiest boy and when that happens he is ALWAYS happy😊

We would love to find  Glider a rural home, with a minimum 6-foot fence, with an experienced owner who can continue his training.


Born: September 23rd, 2019

Breed: Rottweiler Mix

Gender: Male

Size: Large

Activity Level: High

Cats: Some, very dog savvy

Kids: Yes, older

Dogs: Yes

Adoption Fee: $345