Keegan has recently come back into care, he's an energetic fellow so we are looking for an active family for him. 

Keegan absolutely loves going on outdoor adventures with his people and he does well at the off-leash dog park, he just needs some redirection because he doesn't always understand personal space. 

He does need some leash training as he can be a bit reactive on a leash. His previous family currently has him enrolled in Pliant Pack's  K9 Reactive Class that begins in April and they have included him in his new family. The goal of this class is to learn about his reactions and model behaviour needed to help him be successful on a leash. 

He can be a bit reactive with other resident dogs when he has a bone so that is also something that needs to be worked on. 

Keegan is very kind and loving with his family and they get compliments when they are out and about❤ 

After Keegan's been well exercised he loves basking in the sun in the yard. 


Born: July 27th, 2020

Breed: Husky Mix

Gender: Male

Size: Large 

Activity Level: High

Cats: No

Kids: Yes, older kids

Dogs: Yes

Adoption Fee: $345