Kodiak is a beautiful, medium-sized young gal who came to us as a stray from up north. 

She is a big cuddle bug who also LOVES her toys and always wants to play😍

Kodiak gets along well with other dogs with low-medium energy but requires a slower intro to higher energy dogs because they can be a bit too much for her. 

Over the last few weeks, she has learnt quite a bit in her foster home and is gaining more confidence.

She's catching on to new tricks very quickly and already knows how to sit, lay down and shake a paw 🐾 She's kennel and house trained. She also now doesn't get frightened by men and instead of barking at them she politely waits for them to come and pet her and her foster family can now trust her around cats but only supervised visits.

Kodiak loves doing her zoomies outside, then is happy to cuddle up all day on the couch if you let her❤


Born: February 16th/2020

Breed: Shepherd Mix

Gender: Female

Size: Currently 21kg

Activity Level: Medium 

Cats: Yes, with supervision 

Dogs: Yes, does best with lower energy dogs

Kids: Yes, Older kids

Adoption Fee: $345