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Kona loves to snuggle and is a very loving kitten. He will nuzzle into your lap or neck any chance he can🥰 Nose to nose kisses are plentiful!! He loves his tummy and feet touched and is extremely gentle.
A few of Kona's favourite things are: trying to catch snowflakes through the window, watching the laundry spin in the dryer, showing off his climbing skills on his cat tree, playing in a cardboard box, and his toy bird on a stick. 
Kona is a very loyal kitten and he will follow you wherever you go in the house❤️
Before coming into our care he was in a house with a small dog and children.  
Kona is not a fan of baths or being wet. So a gentle sprinkle of water is an excellent training tool😆 He catches onto training very well, he just needs a few reminders or redirections and he’s good. 
We suspect Kona is possibly deaf so his foster has been doing some different training with him like flicking lights to let him know where she is, using a laser pointer to get him to come to me or out of a hiding spot, and using vibrations to get his attention (pat the chair/bed or gentle stomp on the floor). 
Kona is a wonderful kitten with a great personality and he would make a fantastic addition to a family ❤️ 

Born: November 28th, 2022
Gender: Male
Type: DSH 
Adoption Fee: $150

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