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Locke is a sweet, calm, smart little lady. She enjoys playing in the snow and exploring the backyard. Her 4 legged housemates are not into puppy play, however, she is quite content on keeping herself busy with the squeakiest, crumpliest of doggie toys. The cat’s toys are her favorite though.

Locke is happiest when her people are around. Loves her cuddles, belly rubs, and snoozing by your feet. She is sleeping throughout the night, preferring her doggie bed close to her person.

This smart little girl knows to potty outside leaving no messes in the house to find. She’ll even tell you she’s hungry by sitting by her bowl and crying out to you😁


Born: August 31st, 2023

Gender: Female

Breed: Pyrenees Mix

Size: Expected to be Large

Activity Level: Puppy

Cats: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Kids: Yes

Adoption Fee: $395

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