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Mama Bunny


Bunny came into our care as a pregnant stray on Easter (which is why she's named Bunny😉) and she made it in just in time to have her 4 handsome kittens❤️ Her kittens are now old enough to start the search for their forever homes and now Bunny can start the search for hers and start her new adventure in life💖

She is thoroughly enjoying being an indoor kitty now and taking in all the love and attention her foster family is giving her🥰

Bunny is a playful and affectionate young lady that always wants to be by your side and she has the softest little meow❤️

She does prefer to have all the attention for herself so she will be good as a solo pet. So if you are looking for an incredibly sweet, loving kitty to be your new best friend Mama Bunny could be the perfect match for you💕


Born: April 6th, 2022

Gender: Female

Type: DSH

Adoption Fee: $150

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