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Mayor is a sweet, playful, smart puppy filled with a lot of personality!

To date, Mayor has met cats, dogs, babies, and toddlers and has loved all of them! He is a bit confused by cats, but does very well with them!

Mayor is doing very well with house training and is starting to signal when he needs to go outside for a washroom break👏 He is also mastering kennel training and does very well when it is nap time and his foster parents have to go to work. He does enjoy his kennel when puppy breaks are needed as they help him calm down and provide a great space for him to rest.

Mayor has been practicing common commands such as sit, down, stand, and stay. He works very well for treats and is quite a smarty pants!

Mayor does not show any separation anxiety and is quite happy to be left alone in his kennel with a chew, but does enjoy a belly rub or a cuddle when playtime is over❤️

He's been playing very well with the resident dogs with good guidance, and supervision.


Born: August 31st, 2023

Gender: Male

Breed: Pyrenees Mix

Size: Expected to be Large

Activity Level: Puppy

Cats: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Kids: Yes

Adoption Fee: $395

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