Mazda has come a long way with his confidence since coming into foster care. He can be reserved when he first meets new people, but as soon as he had deemed you safe, he is all love. Mazda (or Mazzie as he is lovingly referred to by his foster family) loves to run on the grass with his foster sister. His run can best be described as a gallop, and he constantly has his tongue out in pure enjoyment during playtime. Mazda is a chatty little fellow who will never let you forget when it is meal time. He has really got “sit” down to an art and is working on “wait” with many successful moments in his training.

Mazda is learning to love car rides, but he prefers not to go on them when he has a full belly. Some of Mazda’s favourite things include his snuffle mat, his toy candy corn, and toy Yoda, but perhaps his favourite thing of all is dirty socks. If you are in need of some help picking up the dirty laundry around your house, Mazda is your guy😆.

Mazda gives amazing snuggles, and can’t wait to share his love with his forever family!


Born: June 10th, 2022

Breed: Husky/Collie Mix

Gender: Male

Size: Expected to be Large

Activity Level: Puppy

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Adoption Fee: $395