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Otto has now been in care for almost 5 months😞 So we are updating his profile again in hopes to find him his perfect family!!!

Otto has been very lucky to have been in the care of a very loving, dedicated foster family who have put a lot of time into training him and showing him so much love. We are so grateful for their dedication to Otto❤️


Here are some facts about Otto from his foster family🥰

Otto is fully kennel trained, he sleeps through the night and spends part of his day in the kennel while we are at work. He knows the word bed means his Kennel and goes straight in when you tell him “bed” in the evening.


Otto continues to get better at walking all the time. To help Otto learn to walk calmly and beside you, we walk him using a slip lead attached to his harness. He does really well with this. He even knows that when we stop at a corner he needs to sit while we wait to cross the street👏


He knows sit, shake a paw, he is working on lay down, and knows the word wait.


Otto is getting better and better at wait, practicing it as we go through doors and during feeding time.


Otto knows to sit and wait for his food and we continue to practice his waiting while I walk away to test how patient he can be. He is getting really good at it and most days can wait to eat until I say “go”.


Otto loves plastic bottles. I think he likes the crackle. He also loves these enrichment toys we have. They are kind of like a Kong where you stick treats inside.


As for challenges, Otto is working on finding his calm. He still has so much of that puppy excitement. He definitely is capable of being calm and has come to know our routines as a household but in new situations, he can find it challenging to contain all his energy.


Lots of exercise and patience will be needed to help Otto learn his new routines😉


Born: May 22nd, 2022

Gender: Male

Breed: Husky Mix

Size: Expected to be Large

Activity Level: Puppy

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Adoption Fee: $345

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