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Our Precious Perla has been in care since she was only 6 weeks old, she has grown up so much over the summer we needed to update her profile!


Perla is Spanish for sparkle or precious gem and she is living up to her name❤️ She was found up North all on her own and she's been thriving since coming into care.

Perla gets very excited to meet new people and dogs, she just loves everyone so much!! Some of her favorite things to do are running through leaf piles, playing fetch, running around the doggie pool or just chewing on a bone.  Perla loves playing with the resident dog and her foster puppy sister Isla but she can also entertain herself with toys and when she’s tired she will typically go for a nap inside her kennel on her own😴 She sleeps through the night, is housetrained and kennel trained.

Perla is a great helper in the garden and if any food gets dropped on the floor she’ll clean that up for you free of charge🤣

Now that she's fully vaccinated she's been enjoying regular trips to the dog park and loving that!

It's a mystery as to how this sweet little girl hasn't been adopted, she has been incredible at all the events she's been too lately and received so many positive comments on her personality, we thought surely someone would scoop her up. We guess she's just waiting for that perfect home🥰


Born: May 11th, 2023

Gender: Female

Breed: Shepherd Mix

Size: Expected to be Medium-Large

Activity Level: Puppy

Cats: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Kids: Yes

Adoption Fee: $395

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