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The Manitoba Great Pyrenees Rescue does not have a brick and mortar building. We house all of our animals through fosters, this helps keep our costs down and gives all animals the valuable experience of living with a family. 


As such, we do not have a store, but that does not mean we do not have some amazing merchandise for sale! We keep a limited stock to limit our overhead, but please reach out and tell us what you would like 

If you would like to order from our "store" please email with your order and to discuss product availability. Pick-up and order instructions will be discussed when you make an order.

Royal Blue Pullover

Royal Blue MGPR pullover

Black Pullover

Black MGPR pullover

Dogfather Zip up

Dogfather Light Grey Zip Front

Mom of Paws Light Gray Pullover

Mom of Paws Light Grey pullover

Purr-fect Love Light Gray Pullover

Perfect Love Light Grey pullover

Big Mutts Light Grey Zip-up

Big Mutts Light Grey Zip Front

Purr-fect Love Grey/Red Pullover

Perfect Love Dark Grey_Red pullover

Kitten Meow Light Grey Tank Top

Kitten Meow Dark Grey Tank

All You Need Pink T-Shirt

All you need Pink T-shirt

Light Grey Pullover

Light Grey MGPR pullover

Dark Grey Pullover

Dark Grey MGPR pullover

Moms of Paws Pullover

Mom of Paws Dark Grey pullover

Purr-fect Love Dark Grey Pullover

Perfect Love Dark Grey pullover

Big Mutts Dark Grey Zip-up

Big Mutts Dark Grey Zip Front

Dogs are my Favourite Light Gray Zip Up

Dogs are my favourite Light Grey Zip Front

Dog Mom Black Tank Top

Dog Mom Black Tank

Dogfather Black T-Shirt

Dogfather Black T-shirt

MGPR Paw Light Grey Pullover

MGPR Paw Dark Grey pullover
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