Rufus and Tibbs

Rufus & Tibbs are looking for a home together. Both cats have tested positive for FIV, though neither have symptoms. Thankfully, being tested positive for FIV is no longer a death sentence. Although there is still no cure. We now know that the cats can live long and happy lives WITHOUT infecting another cat. Precautions are still taken by only adopting a FIV positive cat into a home that either already has FIV cats or no current cats. These bonded boys are friendly, and do well with people and pets once they have settled into a home. Their adoption fee has been lowered to reflected their specific homing requirements. 

If you require more information about FIV please refer to this link from the the Winnipeg Humane Society

Type: DSH Golden Tabby
Age: December 17, 2019
Gender: Male
Adoption fee: **As part of our Fall Promo, Adoption fee is reduced to $50! Only until October 31! (Rufus and Tibbs) - includes microchip