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Rufus and Tibbs.jpg

Rufus and Tibbs


Rufus and Tibbs have unfortunately been in care for 2 YEARS!!!! They haven't even had a family meet them😔


We did have the boys posted as looking for individual homes but given how long they have been in care together we can't separate them, they are so bonded to each other❤️

We would love nothing more than to have these sweet boys adopted together, so we will be looking to adopt them out as a bonded pair and they will have a special adoption fee of $100 for them as a pair.


Rufus & Tibbs are darling boys who love each other very much.

Rufus is chatty and affectionate, Tibbs is playful and cuddly. They are extremely good natured & get along well with people, dogs, and other cats.


Both boys are FIV positive so if there are any other cats in the home they will need to be kept up to date on vaccines.


For more information on FIV please visit our website.


Both boys were born: June 1st, 2020

Gender: Males

Type: DSH

Adoption Fee: $100 as a bonded pair

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