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Sony has been in care for a while now so we figured she needed an updated photo and profile😊


Sony is a bold, playful 2 year old calico who is looking for a home where she can rule the roost as an only cat, or a home with a confident cat that she can't be bossy with.


Sony is a very well behaved kitty. She doesn’t have any interest in scratching furniture or getting underfoot and her favorite spot to hang out is the cat tree in her foster home❤

Sony loves to be in the kitchen and has proven to be very treat motivated. She has a very quiet mew, and sounds a bit like a baby alligator.

Sony has become way more affectionate since coming into care but she's still not a huge lap cuddler but sure likes her pats😁


We think Sony will be a great companion kitty 🥰


Born: November 9th, 2020

Gender: Female

Type: DSH

Adoption Fee: $100

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