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Vicks is playful, assertive little girl who loves playing with the resident dogs in her foster home🥰 She even tries to engage the older dog in her foster home but is gentler with him and respects his warning barks.

Vicks likes her kennel and will sleep throughout the night in there. During the day her kennel door is left open and she’ll go in on her own to rest.

Vicks is a smart little girl and is learning her manners, to sit and she's having a harder time with come but she’ll get there😁 She loves belly rubs and cuddles for short times but would rather be off exploring. She enjoys playing with her squeaky toys and can be redirected if she's chewing something she shouldn't have, her favorite chew toy is her non-rawhide chews. She's good with sharing her toys and food with the resident dogs and she likes when they share with her too😆

Vicks loves to be nice and close to her people and will follow you around everywhere❤

She'll make a fun addition to a family!!!


Born: November 26th, 2022

Gender: Female

Breed: Husky Mix

Size: Expected to be Large

Activity Level: Puppy

Cats: Yes

Kids: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Adoption Fee: $395

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