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Yoshi is a soft and sweet gentle giant with an old soul❤️ He loves people and has lots to say when his foster family comes home.

Yoshi isn't a fan of being held, but he loves his pets, belly rubs and when you talk back to him.

Yoshi knows his name and usually runs up to you when you call it! Of course, unless he’s sleeping and then there’s no way!

He’s content to move from lounging space to lounging space throughout his day. He finds the most amusing places to sleep too. He sleeps hard and has a cute little snore sometimes.

Yoshi occasionally engages in play with the resident cats and pays the dogs no attention. Any type of home environment would be suitable as long as he has some humans to love upon him💖


Born: May 1st, 2020

Gender: Male

Type: DSH

Adoption Fee: $100


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