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Adopt Don't Shop


With so many unwanted dogs in the world today adoption is the most responsible way to add a pet to your family. When you adopt a dog from MGPR you are getting a new best friend. We are committed to finding the best homes for our dogs.



Submit an application form. This information helps us ensure the dog you select will be a good fit for your family. We will then complete reference and vet checks.



We set up a Meet and Greet with the dog you are interested in adopting. We encourage all members of your family to be in attendance at this visit as the dog will be an integral part of all of their lives.



A Home Visit will be setup with one of our volunteers. The home visit allows us to see the environment in which the dog will be living as well as to offer any tips and advice to making your home dog friendly.


Dog Adoption fees:
•$395 for puppies, up to 6 months of age.
•$345 for all dogs (over 6 months of age) unless posted otherwise.


These adoption fees include the spay/neuter, rabies vaccines, parvo and distemper vaccines, deworming, Heartworm/Lyme disease test when applicable, microchip and tattoo.  


Please check our Adoptables page to see if your new family member is waiting for you.


Cat Adoptions

Although we are a dog rescue; we occassionally find ourselves with adoptable cats. If you are interested in adopting please fill out the cat adoption form.


Adoption fees:

•$150 for KITTENS

Kitten adoption fees include the spay/neuter, 3 FVRCP vaccines & rabies, deworming, and tattoo. 

•$100 for CATS 

Cat (over 6 months) adoption fees include the spay/neuter, FIV/Felk test, 2 FVRCP vaccines &rabies, deworming, and tattoo. 

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