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We know that rescue requires a team of committed individuals who work tirelessly to help animals find caring homes. The best way to find those families is by sharing their stories as far as we can reach. With this in mind, MGPR often shares information about animals NOT in our care, that need a bit of extra help to find their homes. We work collaboratively with other rescues and sometimes private individuals and families as a courtesy. All the friends in this album are under the care of a separate rescue or individuals. Each photo has the contact information for anyone interested in meeting these animals. 


Describing Diesel as a big, stubborn dog wouldn’t be a shocking way to describe a Pyrenees. Most owners of a Great Pyrenees would list those as attributes of their pet, adding barking, wandering and an aloof personality. Diesel is a very typical Pyrenees that is currently living in a home that is not equipped to handle his Pyr-ness. Mostly recently, there have been conflicts between Diesel and the older dog in the home. (Diesel was neutered after these occurrences) His family describes him as a good listener only when treats are involved. “Diesel is a great dog! He is amazing with children. He loves to cuddle up on the couch or snuggle in bed. He loves his belly rubs. He (would be) better in a country home as he likes to stay up late at night and bark at anything.”


If Diesel sounds like a great fit for your home, please apply with us :

*Diesel resides in Fraserwood, therefore once we process your application, a meet & greet would be held there.


Just looking at the photos of Baxter, you can see that everything about him says, “Let’s go!” Baxter used to have much more space and freedom to get plenty of exercise. But his family has relocated and space is tight. For Baxter’s happiness, we are hoping to find him a spacious family home with a large fenced yard as he is accustomed to having. If there was a playful resident dog, that would be even better! Baxter does very well at dog parks, especially playing with dogs his size, he was also a good boy at doggie daycare. Baxter does, however, become reactive on a leash. Baxter is a “good, loving dog”. He is a great dog for a very active family. A lot of exercise to burn off energy is key to Baxter remaining a ‘good dog’. His current owner walks him an hour in the morning, an hour at night. Baxter has pretty good recall with his current owner, and will likely bond to a new one similarly. He walks well on a leash, with limited pulling (except when he sees a strange dog as mentioned). Baxter knows commands like sit, lay down, leave it and no pulling (on lead). Baxter is an indoor dog, and housetrained. If you believe that you are Baxter’s forever family, please apply with us

Born: August, 2018

Breed: Pyrenees/ Border Collie mix

Neutered: yes

Vaccs UptoDate: yes

Weight: approximately 64 lbs

Activity level: Medium to high

Dogs: good (except while leashed)

Cats: unknown

Kids: good; tested ages 4-17 (may unintentionally knock little kids over)

Special note: food allergies, managed by consistently feeding one specific food

Requires: Large, visibly fenced yard.

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