Courtesy Outreach


We know that rescue requires a team of committed individuals who work tirelessly to help animals find caring homes. The best way to find those families is by sharing their stories as far as we can reach. With this in mind, MGPR often shares information about animals NOT in our care, that need a bit of extra help to find their homes. We work collaboratively with other rescues and sometimes private individuals and families as a courtesy. All the friends in this album are under the care of a separate rescue or individuals. Each photo has the contact information for anyone interested in meeting these animals. 

Manitou Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy After realizing the need for rabbit rescues in Manitoba, Lydia was compelled to start a group dedicated to rabbits and their needs. When the rescue started, there were none that catered solely to rabbits. Manitou Rabbit Rescue advocates and rescues rabbits.


MRRA subscribes to the House Rabbit Society (HRS) philosophy, which values all rabbits as individuals, regardless of breed purity, temperament, state of health or relationship to humans. Additionally, HRS believes rabbits should be housed indoors and strongly supports and encourages fixing your rabbit.


To Foster or Adopt: Manitou Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy is looking for people to foster or adopt rabbits. The preference is for rabbits to be fostered or adopted in pairs so they have companionship. Foster families are provided with supplies and vet visits are paid for. Bunnies must stay inside.


Adoption fees are $65 and rabbits come spayed and neutered. People who are interested can contact Lydia to start the process so that you and your furry friend can live out the rest of your days together.


Find them on Facebook at Manitou Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy / Lydia Sarra Or Email

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