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Congratulations on bringing home a new family member! This is an exciting time for you. However, we know that bringing home a new pet can also bring up a lot questions and the internet is full of questionable information. To help you (and your pet) we've put together some resources we hope you will find helpful. And remember, if you have a question we are always here to help you as best we can. Wishing you and your new pet a long, fulfilling friendship.

Pliant Pack's mission is too help you and your dog find realistic solutions through positive reinforcement training.They aim to teach and coach both humans and dogs to communicate their needs and expectations while improving their overall relationship.

Yury works to educate his clients to understand their dog's behaviours and provide the experience and training techniques to establish a close bond for both dog and trainer.

Bradford Dogs offer training classes for all ages and levels, from Foundations, Agility, Show Ring Training, to Obedience...and MORE! They have a variety of trained Instructors that specialize in their specific field, to provide years of hands on experience and success!

The Winnipeg Humane Society has some great information for help with Behaviour Concerns :

General (baby preparation, moving, choosing the right pet. etc)

Dog Issues (toys, aggression, dog intros. etc.)

Cat Issues (litterbox issues, scratching, indoor cats, etc.)  Click the button above to be directed to their website.


DITR Kennels offer year round boarding that includes swimming and physical conditioning programs. Along with boarding, they offer all levels of obedience training to various problem solving. Each dog is carefully evaluated to provide a realistic understanding of what is to be expected. DITR Kennels also offer upland bird dog/gun training from puppy development to finished gun dog graduates.

The Dog Food Advisor is published as a public service to help you make a more informed decision when shopping for dog food. With over 800 dog food reviews representing some 3,500 commercial products it's a great resource to ensure your pet is getting quality nutrition.  Click the button above to be directed to their website.


Back to Pack strives to prevent the re-homing of dogs. As a rescue, they provide extensive one on one obedience training with each dog in their care before they match the capability and personality with a family. BPR also specialize in Constructional Aggression Treatment for aggressive dogs.


Everyone needs someone to look after their pet at some time or another and Canine Country Club Pet Boarding near Winnipeg, CCC is a good friend to Manitoba's rescue community and Manitoba Great Pyrenees Rescue in particular! Click the button above to be directed to their website.

Although they may not look it, our dogs have some pretty serious instincts. Sometimes we can see this in the way they play fetch, how they sniff, or how they bravely guard us against the mailman, the squirrels, and that suspicious newspaper on the ground. 

Lots of times our dogs need a job, something to channel these instincts and give them a chance to use their energy in a constructive way. If your terrier is terrorizing your neighbours, if your husky has eaten your couch, or you just want something fun to do this resource is a great way to provide enrichment for both you and your dog!

FIV+ Cat Facts

FIV Facta.jpg

FIV or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus can sound pretty scary! FIV attacks the immune system of our feline friends, leaving them susceptible to other infections or illnesses. 

Thankfully, being tested positive for FIV is no longer a death sentence. Although there is still no cure, we now know that cats can live long and happy lives WITHOUT infecting another cat.


Precautions are still taken by:

  • adopting a FIV positive cat into a home that either already has FIV cats or no other cats.

  • making sure all cats in the home are up to date with vaccines and boosters. 

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