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Crane is a quiet, gentle, well behaved,  content old boy who unfortunately was left to fend for himself for the last couple years when his family moved away and left him behind😔. He has also unfortunately tested positive for Heartworm so he has started his treatment.

Crane is enjoying all the luxuries of living in a home with his wonderful foster family❤️ He loves to be outside patrolling his fenced yard. He's housetrained and fine to be left alone in the house while his foster family is out.

Crane loves his naps and he sleeps a lot either inside or outside. He’s good with cats, dogs, and children ( including younger ones). He eats slowly and is more of a grazer unless there's some canned food, then he speeds it up a bit😆

He has been okay with brushing, but not for extended periods of time. He's not a huge fan of having his nails done so that is a work in progress.

Crane would be a great companion for someone who has a fenced area for him to patrol and who is looking for a very low energy best buddy to spend their days with❤️

Crane's Heartworm Treatment is covered under the rescue but whoever adopts this sweet soul will need to commit to his treatment schedule with our vet.


Born: September 27th, 2014

Gender: Male

Breed: Pyrenees

Size: X-Large

Activity Level: Low

Cats: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Kids: Yes

Adoption Fee: $345

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