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Ellen is a beautiful, sweet older gal looking for a retirement home where she's the only pet and can soak up all the love❤️

She loves following her people everywhere, chatting to you the whole way with her most interesting voice which sounds anything but an actual meow but is so cute and funny at the same time😆 It lies somewhere between a froggy croak, a sheep's bleat or a creaky gate.

Ellen has a beautiful, luxurious coat and she's been getting brushed a couple times a week and she's beginning to enjoy that😍

According to the vet Ellen is in excellent health, so her age shouldn't scare people off😉

She is very playful and she especially likes wand toys, so we think regular play time is what keeps her young!

She has started "hunting" toys and bringing her foster family gifts, when she does this she brays like a donkey.  Very loudly.  So you know a "gift" is on it's way🤣.

She's a pretty big girl and not too much of a lap-cat but tolerates being picked up.

Ellen is a wonderful gal and we know she will bring so much joy to a special someone 💖


Born: May 21st, 2010

Gender: Female

Type: DLH

Adoption Fee: $100

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