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Now that Lucy has settled in more with her foster family we wanted to update her profile and of course, give her a fresh profile photo❤


Lucy is a super gentle, calm, and quiet little lady. She's smaller than she looks in her photos, more of a medium-sized gal. She's very affectionate but not in a pushy excited way… she has an old soul and is just so relaxed. She loves to be petted and will sit by you for as long as you are willing to give her attention🥰


Lucy is partially blind but sees shadows and can track things, she just needs a moment to get familiar with her surroundings. Her sense of smell is excellent and if she knows you have treats, either by smelling them or she hears the crinkle of the bag, she’ll sit or stand perfectly still waiting for you to give her some. It’s adorable🥰


Lucy absolutely loves to be outside and she has a precious little pep in her step and a hop when she first goes out. She loves to bury her face into the fresh snow and lap it up❄


Lucy walks so nicely, she does walk a bit ahead of you sniffing the path but never pulling. She knows her walk routine with her foster mom and if you try to turn around and go back she knows that’s not the route and she will keep turning herself around to go the other way😆

She enjoys her walks and goes on them 2-3 times/day


The rest of the day Lucy is either relaxing on her dog bed in front of the window tracking shadows or outside lying in the snow enjoying herself.


She navigates her way around the house very well and senses the stairs as she approaches them. She moves around slowly to give herself enough time to react to furniture etc.


Lucy will adapt easily to a new home and she is so friendly. No hesitation or nervousness at all when new people first approach her, she confidently walks up to you at the door and waits quietly for you to reach out to her, then she will lick your hand and you're her buddy🥰


She is very food motivated and quite attentive. She is an absolute DOLL ❤️


Born: September 7th, 2018

Gender: Female

Breed: Shepherd Mix

Size: Large

Activity Level: Medium

Cats: No

Kids: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Adoption Fee: $345

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