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Meira did a wonderful job raising her two pups and now she's ready for a home of her own🥰

She is very smart and learns new things quickly. She walks very well on leash and she is listening to stay and come while on her leash and in the yard👏

She is a bit nervous when first meeting people, but warms up pretty fast and loves attention, she's a sweetheart❤️

Meira loves to be around people and gets very attached to her family. She gets anxious when her people leave, so her Foster Family is trying to work on that by leaving for short periods of time to start.

She is good with cats, children and dogs, she just needs to be monitored around food with other dogs but was making progress in her last foster home.  Meira still has some puppy tendencies when she gets excited playing and will jump up and sometimes be a bit mouthy, so her Foster Family is also working on that with her.

Meira is a really good dog, who will be wonderful for the right people who are patient and willing to work with her🥰


Born: April 18th, 2022

Gender: Female

Breed: Mastiff Mix

Size: Large

Activity Level: Medium

Cats: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Kids: Yes

Adoption Fee: $345

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