Community Events

This year has been especially difficult to raise funds for our furry friends in rescue. We rely on the generous donations of pet loving families and businesses in our community, along with our monthly community events, but the restrictions created by the pandemic have caused a serious shortage of funds. Please participate in our online events and share with friends and family, to help us get back to the most important business of all...Saving Animals in Need!


With the time change this past weekend, and Spring officially arriving this coming’s not too early to mention Spring cleaning, is it? Our Mabel’s Labels fundraiser is still ongoing if you need some assistance in terms of organization. Everything is more efficient when labeled properly, and making it look good is even better. Easy, organized & good looking, sounds like Spring cleaning is going to be a breeze! Follow this link enter “Manitoba Great Pyrenees Rescue” as group and find out what Mabel’s Labels fit your life. With every purchase, you are helping cats and dogs in our rescue.

mabel's labels

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Our Monthly STARS

​About Us


Manitoba Great Pyrenees Rescue is a 100% volunteer based, non-profit organization that has been in operation since 1996.  We are located near Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


MGPR is dedicated to finding quality, forever homes for abandoned, abused and neglected Great Pyrenees dogs.


Although the focus of our rescue is on the Great Pyrenees breed, we also rescue dogs of other breeds, cats and even horses that are in need.


Our animals are housed in foster homes in the community, not in a "bricks and mortar" shelter.  All our animals receive any needed veterinary attention including vaccinations.  All dogs and cats are spayed/neutered and male horses are gelded.  Our adoption fees do not come close to covering costs and donations are gratefully accepted.

Questions? Please Email us at

We look forward to hearing from you!


Our Rescue FUNdraisers


Snuffle Mats are great Boredom Busters for both canines and felines! Searching for their favourite tiny treats that are scattered throughout the mat stimulates your pets natural drive to sniff for food. MGPR's handmade Snuffle Mats are made by a group of dedicated rescue volunteers, and are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns.

Our Snuffle Mats can be purchased directly at Pet Planet on 1510 Plessis Rd and Henderson Pet Valu or they can be purchased online and picked up from either store.

Proceeds from the sales of these mats go directly to helping ALL of the Rescue Animals in Our Care!

It's Time to Start SNUFFLIN!

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Warm Hoodies

warm Hearts

Our online shop is full of fabulous hoodies for everyone! These high quality warm and cozy hoodies come in two styles; zipper front and pull over. We have a wide variety of fun and fabulous decals on them, including our MGPR rescue logo. The hoodies are unisex sizes and range from S to 5XL. If we are temporarily out of stock in the size and style that you are looking for, please quickly send us an email so that we can try to order one in for you. The hoodies can be purchased online and picked up completely contact free. A date and time for pickup will be arranged with you after purchase, by email. 

The LOVE-ly Litter

On February 20th, we were excited to welcome our LOVE-ly 9 litter. The 8 week old puppies were settling into their foster homes, and we were loving the snuggles, the cute photos, and learning about their emerging personalities.

Three days later, it was as if the sky was falling. 

It started with Bae.

And even before we could get answers on what was happening with her, more of her litter mates were being rushed to the vet.  Unfortunately, the young pups have been diagnosed with Parvovirus. Almost every one of the nine puppies have tested positive, shown at least some symptoms and have required hospitalization. Parvo can be devastating and deadly if not treated quickly. We are grateful for the fast reactions of our fosters, who saw the slight change in their pup(s) and were able to get them to the safety of Bridgwater Veterinary Hospital. We are so thankful to Kenaston & Plessis Veterinary Hospital for treating these sick puppies. All three clinics have our sincere gratitude for going above and beyond for the pups and for our foster families.

Slowly the puppies have been coming home. The disinfecting, the medicating, the healing continues. Some pups have had a set back or two, but we think we can see a glimmer of light at the end of this Parvo tunnel. (We have such a GREAT team of puppy fosters a huge shout out to their resilience!)

The vet bills are now stacking up. The money was well spent, no argument there, knowing it saved the lives of these sweet puppies. But now we need HELP. Help to pay the thousands of dollars of bills we have accumulated already, plus the thousands of dollars we will still need to spend to get these pups healthy.

Please, if you can help, every dollar makes a difference.


Donations can be made using via etransfer to  You can call Plessis Veterinary Hospital at (204) 691-8838 and put a donation directly onto our account, or you can mail a cheque to 411 Emerson Ave, WPG R2G 1G8.

Meet Bisou

This beautiful girl is starting to grow into herself!  She is the last of the Lovely Litter to get adopted.  We have no idea why because lovely is definitely one way to describe Bisou.

Click on "All Dogs" below for more info on all of our adoptable dogs!



Meet Garfield
Garfield’s favourite thing to do is spend a lazy afternoon on the couch. He isn’t best friends with the dog but tolerates his existence. Garfield flops over for belly rubs, doesn’t mind being handled, and comes when called.


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