About us

Manitoba Great Pyrenees Rescue is a 100% volunteer based, non-profit organization that has been in operation since 1996.  We are located near Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


MGPR is dedicated to finding quality, forever homes for abandoned, abused and neglected Great Pyrenees dogs.


Although the focus of our rescue is on the Great Pyrenees breed, we also rescue dogs of other breeds, cats, the occasional rabbit and guinea pig and even horses that are in need.


Our animals are housed in foster homes in the community, not in a "bricks and mortar" shelter.  All our animals receive any needed veterinary attention including vaccinations.  All dogs and cats are spayed/neutered, male rabbits and guinea pigs are neutered and male horses are gelded.  Our adoption fees do not come close to covering costs and donations are gratefully accepted.

Interested in becoming a member of our team?  We are always in need of new foster homes for dogs and cats.  Apply below!

Questions? Please Email us at mgprescue@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you!





Community Events

This year has been especially difficult to raise funds for our furry friends in rescue. We rely on the generous donations of pet loving families and businesses in our community, along with our monthly community events, but the restrictions created by the pandemic have caused a serious shortage of funds. Please participate in our online events and share with friends and family, to help us get back to the most important business of all...Saving Animals in Need!

Are you looking for new ways to entertain your puppy? We have a solution for you!

Step 1: Get puppy pole

Step 2: Secure in the ground.

Step 3: Add favourite toy to puppy pole string.

Step 4: Watch and enjoy. 

You can offer a new type of enrichment for your puppy while also supporting our rescue so we can continue to help dogs and cats!

Puppy Pole.jpg
Intake Freeze.jpg

Due to a shortage of available volunteers and coverage of volunteer vacations, for the next 2-4 weeks we are unable to accept any new rescue friends.

We do however still have lots of furry companions who are looking for their forever families and we will be working hard to find those love matches


With the time change this past weekend, and Spring officially arriving this coming weekend...it’s not too early to mention Spring cleaning, is it? Our Mabel’s Labels fundraiser is still ongoing if you need some assistance in terms of organization. Everything is more efficient when labeled properly, and making it look good is even better. Easy, organized & good looking, sounds like Spring cleaning is going to be a breeze! Follow this link http://campaigns.mabelslabels.com/ enter “Manitoba Great Pyrenees Rescue” as group and find out what Mabel’s Labels fit your life. With every purchase, you are helping cats and dogs in our rescue.

mabel's labels

Wine Raffle 20201.jpg


LGCA 7411-RF-36088


Draw on October 2, 2021, at 5pm

Tickets are $2.00 each.


Ticket Purchase Options:

1) Tickets can be purchased online: Email mgprescue@gmail.com your order - include your name, address & phone number. Send Etransfer to mgprescue@gmail.com to pay for the amount of tickets you have ordered. Include “Wine Raffle” in your notes. Paypal can also be used for payment using the “donate” button on our website https://www.mgprescue.com *We will then email your tickets to you.

2) Tickets available for purchase at the following locations:

-Pet Planet -Park City Commons at 1510 Plessis Rd, Winnipeg

-Pet Valu Henderson at 963 Henderson Hwy , Winnipeg

-Pet Valu Meadowood at 200 Meadowood Dr, Winnipeg

-Pet Valu Sage Creek at 50 Sage Creek Blvd, Winnipeg


Call or Text GENIA at 204-995-3498


Our Monthly STARS

Meet Mateo

Mateo with his ice blue eyes is quite the looker.  And imagine that!  He is also looking for his next home!  He would love if there was another dog to help him flourish in his next home as he does look up to other dogs. 

Click on "All Dogs" below for more info on all of our adoptable dogs!



Meet Corabeth
Would you look at this beauty!  And she is still available for adoption!  She is beautiful, and sweet.  She loves getting pets from her foster mom, has a sweet and quiet meow and loves to butt in when she is working or enjoying the whip cream off her foster mom's frappuccino! 

Click on "All Cats" below for more info on all of our adoptable cats!


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Tanks, T-shirts, Hoodies, OH MY! 

As well as some enrichments choices for our favorite furry friends!


Our Rescue FUNdraisers

Summer Wear.jpg

Hello..... SUMMER!

Our shop is loaded with wearable merchandise fit for the beach, backyard BBQs and late night campfires. Show your love for pets & rescue with our popular hoodies for $40 or one of our newest styles of tanks for only $25. Sizes, colours & styles are all listed in the shop. Check the drop down menus for the sizes available for each selection. Order yours today, just like Summer they won’t last long!

FIV+ Cat Facts

Hoarding is an illness, and these faces are only two of the many victims of a recent hoarding situation. You may be seeing quite a few cats popping up in rescues around Manitoba. Over 40+ cats were seized recently from a single residence and have been placed where space was available in various local rescues. Thankfully, the Manitoba rescue community was able to come together to assist in rehoming the numerous cats.


We are grateful that we were able to at least help Rufus & Tibbs. They were previously known as #12 and #17. And yes, Manitoba Great Pyrenees Rescue may be known for our big white dogs but we also rescue mixed breed dogs and all types of cats. Rufus & Tibbs are looking for a home together. Both cats have tested positive for FIV, though neither have symptoms. Thankfully, being tested positive for FIV is no longer a death sentence. Although there is still no cure, we now know that the cats can live long and happy lives WITHOUT infecting another cat. Precautions are still taken by only adopting a FIV positive cat into a home that either already has FIV cats or no current cats. These bonded boys are friendly, and do well with people and pets once they have settled into a home. Their adoption fee has been lowered to reflected their specific homing requirements.


Snuffle Mats are great Boredom Busters for both canines and felines! Searching for their favourite tiny treats that are scattered throughout the mat stimulates your pets natural drive to sniff for food. MGPR's handmade Snuffle Mats are made by a group of dedicated rescue volunteers, and are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns.

Our Snuffle Mats can be purchased directly at Pet Planet on 1510 Plessis Rd and Henderson Pet Valu or they can be purchased online and picked up from either store.

Proceeds from the sales of these mats go directly to helping ALL of the Rescue Animals in Our Care!

It's Time to Start SNUFFLIN!

Snuffle Matts.jpg