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Manitoba Great Pyrenees Rescue is a 100% volunteer based, non-profit organization that has been in operation since 1996.  We are located near Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


MGPR is dedicated to finding quality, forever homes for abandoned, abused and neglected Great Pyrenees dogs.


Although the focus of our rescue is on the Great Pyrenees breed, we also rescue dogs of other breeds, cats and even horses that are in need.


Our animals are housed in foster homes in the community, not in a "bricks and mortar" shelter.  All our animals receive any needed veterinary attention including vaccinations.  All dogs and cats are spayed/neutered and male horses are gelded.  Our adoption fees do not come close to covering costs and donations are gratefully accepted.

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      Meet Pippin!

Pippin is looking for a very special family. She needs a calm and relaxed family that is patient, and understanding. Pippin does very well in a tranquil environment with a fairly regular routine. 

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      Meet Cotton!

Cotton is a very friendly and social kitty. She loves attention and is always ready and willing to join you on your lap. Cotton currently lives with other furry friends and she enjoys their company. She would make for a wonderful addition in any family.

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Snuffle Mats are great Boredom Busters for both canines and felines! Searching for their favourite tiny treats that are scattered throughout the mat stimulates your pets natural drive to sniff for food. MGPR's handmade Snuffle Mats are made by a group of dedicated rescue volunteers, and are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Our Snuffle Mats are sold everyday at Pet Planet on 1510 Plessis Rd, Winnipeg.


Proceeds from the sales of these mats go directly to helping

ALL of the Rescue Animals in Our Care!

It's Time to Start SNUFFLIN!

Come Bowl With Us!

MGPR is hosting another FUNdraiser where you can have a good time together with friends and family, while helping us raise money for our adoptable pets in care. Come join us for some fun on the lanes! 


Tickets can be purchased at our online SHOP or by clicking on the button below.